Creative Elementary School Bulletin Board Ideas for your Counseling Office

Bulletin boards- you either hate them or you love 'em. I remember the days of covering my face and running past my New Year's bulletin that still barely clung to the walls well into... February. There is some kind of an unspoken guilt and shame in not keeping up with the Jones' down the hall, isn't there? As if the haggard, googly eye-missing, cyclops-looking New Year's crafts that still clung to the wall mocked me each morning I walked past their sorry arses.

Although I do create seasonal bulletin board sets (hello, elementary), I started turning to evergreen bulletin sets to put a little less pressure on myself to switch up the apples for pumpkins and snowflakes for spring flowers. Nancy could no longer snicker at the ghost of bulletins past that still lingered on my dismal display because of my new 4 season bulletins that brought *timelessness* to our hallways.

It's a great question. When choosing our battles, it seems like one we can afford to lose, right? But here are some benefits:

- Collaborative bulletins empower students and boost self-esteem

- They make learning visible to the school and community

- Bulletins that focus on character education can positively impact day-to-day character and hallway behavior

- They reflect our values and foster a sense of belonging

- They can blend curricular and social emotional learning standards and values

- They enrich topics discussed in concrete, accessible ways 



Interested in any of these classroom decor sets? You can always take a closer look, by clicking the images below. 



This mental health bulletin board reiterates the message that it's okay to not feel okay all the time. My FAVORITE way to use this in your school or classroom, would be to have staff members (teachers, counsellors, administrative assistants and principals) participate as well & share their own favorite coping strategy to support self-regulation.



This boho weather feelings check in is a modern version of the emotions thermometer! It includes adorable coping skills posters, 7 different weather-themed emotions (rainbow, sun, cloud, rain cloud, thunder storm, tornado), as well as matching desk name plates to support more individual needs. 


Have you ever felt deflated by the lack of manners shown by your primary students the moment they step outside of your classroom? Having a kindness board is a simple way that we can extend social skills topics that have already been discussed in class. The more exposure= the more likely these values are to be engrained into everyday behavior.

We Lift Each Other Up bulletin Board

This timeless balloon-themed inspirational bulletin board will add a light and airy feel with gorgeous watercolor and co-created kindness messages that will help your school morale soar to new heights. 

For those looking for SIMPLE, bite-sized information with a big impact, you might consider this positive affirmations bulletin set. Includes an entire collection of classic, beautiful watercolor affirmations. But let's talk about how precious it would be to have your students make some of their own to add to the collection as well (blanks + frames included).

Helping our children feel safe, and empowering them to believe that they can change the world, is our number one priority as parents and teachers. This SEL bulletin board "Everyone has something the world needs" is the perfect way to hone in on each of our unique strengths and to support self-esteem and empathy.

Mental Health bulletin board

Mental Health Classroom Decor

If you're looking to break the stigma surrounding mental health and discussing our feelings, then hold the phones, because we've got the perfect bulletin set to do just that. This "Let's Talk About Mental Health" display includes retro accents, letters and a lesson to help children understand that when big feelings come in, they must choose an outlet to let them out in order to create the most balanced, healthy life for themselves. 

 Flower Bulletin Board for Growth MindsetGrowth Mindset Craft for Kids

Growth vs Fixed Mindset Classroom Decor


Fostering a positive self talk through visuals is a no-brainer way to support resilience and perserverence. This Oops-A-Daisy growth mindset bulletin board kit has everything you need to celebrate having a growth vs. fixed mindset. Includes a title, blooming brain and flowers that have both pre-written growth mindset statements and blanks that your students can customize.

How To Make Friends Bulletin Board for Counseling Offices and Classrooms

And finally, a board that gives explicit ideas on how to be a good friend. This SEL bulletin set comes with a myriad of cool sneaks, 2 different font-style options for font and over 20 pre-written positive actions to support the social skills of our elementary students and small counseling groups. Invite your children to add their own ideas to the display as well, with the editable blank sticky notes. 


Tell me about your all-time fav character education bulletin in the comments!

Lots of love,
Namaste in School



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