Inclusive Family Gift Ideas for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparent's Day

If you're tired of scouring the internet for fun and engaging family gift ideas, then you my friend, have come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll look at some gift ideas that keep giving, as they also support personal emotional and social development for your child or students, at the same time.

Make it Inclusive & Adaptable

Featured: Hot Air Balloon Craft

Even though I was in my 20's when I lost my mom, Mother's Day can still feel immensely difficult without her here to celebrate- I can't imagine how a child struggling with grief must feel. We need to always keep our class crafts open-ended and personalized, so that students can choose who they are creating for. Over the years, I have had students who have come from foster homes, who were raised by grandparents or aunt and uncles, those who struggled with their parent's divorce and so on. It's important that our holiday recognition activities are open-ended and can accommodate any familial make-up.

Keep it Simple & Fun

Featured: Berry Thankful Craft

When our learning goal is that of empathy and gratitude, it's not the time to create an intimidating, challenging learning environment. If you're concerned about how to assess work periods for family gifts, simply sit back and observe the strategies at work- you will likely gain some organic oral communication and independent work anecdotes for the report card, as well as insight into their home life and bits and pieces of the influences that have made them who they are today.

Make it Interactive

Featured: Firefly Craft

One thing I know for certain, is that if our children are invested in their project, they will knock it out of the park. Objectively looking at the activities we are giving to our children and asking ourselves, "Will this pique their interest?" "Will this be something exciting and unique that they haven't seen before?" are helpful investments in focused, productive work periods for a good cause.

If you're looking to save time and money on the hunt for the next fun family gift, we've bundled our favorites so you're set for the year- you can check out by clicking the image below!

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