The Best YouTube Mindful Breathing Exercises to Calm Anxious Kids

Making room for pockets of mindfulness in your primary program is a no-brainer. One second- I'm pausing this blog post to address the non-believers in the back.

"But I don't have time to learn something new."
"I've tried before and it hasn't worked."
"What is the point?"

to which I say:


There are numerous tools that you can bring into your classroom that, when consistently used, can have a huge impact at a LOW cost (hint: You likely already have these materials in your home or classroom).

But are you here because you're the type that likes to avoid mess & prep but still wants to make an impact? Then follow me as I break down the best YouTube mindful breathing exercise videos for anxiety that you can access with the touch of a button. These meditation videos for kids feature animated characters that help alleviate stress test, ground, and foster mindfulness. The deep breathing activities are must-haves to support the mental health of your kids in your calm down corners, small counseling groups, kids yoga classes, or to proactively support your classroom management and behavior management systems during morning entry, dismissal or transitions. 

Bear Breaths

Five Finger Breaths

Pufferfish Breaths

Rainbow Breaths

 Crab Breaths

Smell the Rose, Blow Out the Candle

Sloth Breaths


Balloon Breaths

Candle & Flower Breathing

 Snowball Breaths

Ultimately, it doesn't matter whether you have a jam-packed calm corner, or whether you prefer no-fuss simple craft supply breathing tools to bring some peace to your corner of the world. Just make sure that the efforts are collaborative, consistent and comfortable for you and your teaching style (so that you can bring conviction to the table).

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