Fun Seasonal SEL Bulletin Boards Ideas for Teachers and Elementary Counselors

If the idea of frequently assembling bulletin board displays gives you hives, and you'll only dabble if you can change them out once a quarter when they've removed themselves from the walls and become shredded hallway confetti, then this isn't the blog post for you. But this blog post might be.

If spirit days, seasons and holidays bring a sparkle to your eye and a skip to your step, then you'll love our favorite seasonal classroom decor kits to foster social emotional learning in your primary classrooms and small counseling groups.


Spring SEL Bulletin Boards for Counseling

This No Bunny Like You bulletin kit celebrates the spring season with soft pastels and wondrous watercolor. Students or staff will create their own positive carrot-ffirmation that they can refer to through Easter and beyond, to support growth mindset and resilience.
Spring Easter Bulletin Board for Self Esteem in Counseling

This Oops-a-Daisy bulletin set will instil a sense of growth mindset and resilience in your programs. Each student will color and decorate their own flower and add a speech bubble with a written Mistake Maker Mantra inside.Growth Mindset Bulletin Board for the ClassroomThis April showers bulletin board was created to support coping strategies  in a beautiful, accessible way. Based loosely on the mindful R.A.I.N acronym, students will cut out a picture of themselves or draw a self-portrait and decorate their umbrellas with a powerful reminder of what steps to take when big emotions come to visit. Once you change up the display, they can take their umbrella and rainy day portrait home to keep as a reference.

Summer SEL Bulletin Board for Primary Classrooms

This Zest Memories Ever class decor will bring a punch of color and the fun of lemons, right around when you start to feel the most bitter that you still have to be at school. Students or staff will write their favorite memory on their lemon. It's a simple way to end the school year with positive intentions and gratitude.

Summer SEL Bulletin Board for End of School Year

Fall Primary Bulletin Board for SEL

This Back to School bulletin board idea brings a pop of pastel and positivity. Includes smiley face school supplies, letters that spell out "You Put the Cool in School", as well as pennants and a writing reflection activity that asks students, "What do you wish your teacher knew about you?". 

This fall SEL bulletin board is a latte fun, as students or staff fill out their cup and shout out to someone special. You can assign everyone a colleague or student to write something positive about, or leave it open-ended and collect cups for each member of the group. This is a fun way to promote collaboration and to boost morale, and the sparkly pumpkins add a pretty pop to any space.


Fall Bulletin Board Idea

Halloween Bulletin Board for Mental Health

This Hocus Pocus design is one of my favorites! From the spiderweb letters to the ghosts in bowler hats, this Halloween bulletin board is certainly more treat than trick. Staff and students are invited to write their wellness goal on the sign of their ghost. Goals can revolve around fitness, healthy eating, relationships or academics. Halloween SEL Bulletin Board for Elementary Classrooms


Winter SEL Bulletin Boards for Primary Classrooms and Counseling Offices

This winter classroom decor set is filled with Nordic-inspired whimsy. It won't be difficult for your staff or students to envision a mindful moment, as they are transported to a skating trail through a peaceful forest. They will write on their snowball a time when they felt mindful during the winter season. It's especially important that we foster discussions around gratitude during the long winter months, when the grays outside can turn our moods a little blue.

Winter BUlletin Board for Social Emotional Learning

Christmas Bulletin boards for primary

The stockings were hung by the chimney with self-care. This Christmas decor kit is such a fun way of encouraging your staff and students to think about how they want to spend the holidays for themselves, by prioritizing what they think is fun, restful or fulfilling in between family visits. 

Christmas Bulletin Board Idea


This Have a Cup of Cheer bulletin board is a warm and cozy way of celebrating kindness in your elementary classroom or school counseling office.

Have a Cup of Cheer Bulletin Board

Valentine's Day Bulletin Board for Kindergarten Grade 1 Grade 2

Groovy Valentine's Day Clipart Bulletin Board for Counseling and Teaching on TPT

Valentine's Day almost always coincides with Random Acts of Kindness week, so this is the perfect way to celebrate and hit 2 love doves with one stone. The retro theme and fabulous color scheme makes this the grooviest way to celebrate responsibility and empathy. Students will write a kind action that they have done for others on their candy heart writing template. 


Which one is your favorite?! Let me know in the comments below!

Choose SEL & Be Well,
      Namaste in School

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