March Activities for Students for Social Emotional Learning in the Primary Classroom

Must-have March Resources for School Counselors

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t the only reason why we might be feeling a little lucky come March. With spring break & the promise (even if it is ever so slight) of spring, it’s a good time to start thinking smarter and not harder when it comes to lesson planning for your K-3 students or small counseling groups.

So click your heels together and follow the rainbow to the top 6 SEL resources for March & make sure you scroll to the end for your free spring posters to promote a safe and welcoming environment!

Irish to be Craft

March Bulletin Board for Self Confidence Craft

I always found that the closer we get to a holiday, the lower the self-esteem of my kids. Call it growth mindset fatigue or baby burn out, but laying on the confidence-building has always been extremely helpful in boosting morale to get us to the week of vacation. These pennants make for a stunning St. Patrick’s Day bulletin board and focus on celebrating our individuality and diversity.


Free International SEL Day Plan

We've planned International SEL Day for you that always comes around during the second week of March. Includes a school SEL Day parent/ guardian letter, safari-themed lessons, movement breaks and crafts to support the whole-child. Click on the image below to grab your instant freebie!

International SEL Day advertisement


Lucky to be

St Patrick's Day Homeschool Craft for KidsMe


This getting to know me craft/ St. Patrick’s Day clover-themed wreath can be made for individuals or as a class decoration. Invite students to brainstorm their strengths on their brainstorming pages and then transfer the wealth of information onto their shamrocks. I suggest hanging it outside your door on a Command hook for all to gawk at!

Bunny Body Breaks

The Best Spring Movement Break Digital Cards for Kids

With 35 days worth of mini digital movement cards, you can use these adorable bunny body breaks to countdown to spring or Easter! Follow Booboo Bunny, as they find a reason to boogie with each day-to-day task. 

Blurt Resources

Stop Blurting in your Primary Classroom

Behavior Management for Kids Who Shout Out

To the window, to the wall- before holidays social skills are out of control. It can be frustrating and incredibly disheartening to see some of these behaviors slide, so I am suggesting a fresh take on blurting (shouting out) and responsible responses.

Bee Yourself Posters

Free Spring Kindness Posters for Growth Mindset

These FREE posters bring all the good vibes to the yard, with muted pastel colors and whimsical bee designs will be a friendly, seasonal reminder to do good for others and to be kind to ourselves. Includes 7 posters in both pastel and boho neutral shades.

Where are you hanging your new spring SEL posters?

Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,
Namaste in School

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