Summer Countdown SEL Activities Round-Up

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Since we all have such different end dates, but such similar #feels during the end of school countdown, I’m going to do two months for the price of one in this May and June primary social-emotional learning activities round-up.

Digital Balloon Pop Countdown to Summer

You’ve likely seen the balloon pop countdowns sprinkled like confetti across Pinterest and Instagram. If you have the resources and time, it’s a wonderful way to end the school year with a bang! If you’re more low-key and Team No-Prep, I’ve got a digital version that will still yield excitement and still produce a bang - literally (without the mess or fuss). Each day, your primary students will click or tap (on a Smartboard) a balloon which will reveal a scene with Carlos the Crab. They will then complete a SEL activity and see how he has progressed at decorating the sea floor for the best End of Year party ever! 


Cheers to the Year Water Tumbler

Focus on self-esteem and confidence with this epic water tumbler craft that is sure to get your students talking. After comparing and contrasting interests and strengths on a Venn diagram with a partner, they will each create their own water tumbler that has "stickers" to showcase some of the strengths of which they're most proud.

 End of Year SEL Memory Workbook

This memory book printable is a fun way to wrap up the school year that support social emotional learning pillars such as growth mindset, gratitude, friendship skills and self-esteem. 

Coping Skills Treasure Chest

Teachers at the end of the year are exhausted, emotional & short on patience. Students? They are winded, longing for summer & short on attention. This combination could prove deadly for classroom management. Be proactive, by consistently reviewing coping skills before those big emotions inevitably hit. One way to do this is via our Coping Skills Treasure Chest. Students put together their coping skills toolkit and pull out a coping skill each time they need it- teaching self-regulation & independence. This chest may be full of treasure but the skills learned are priceless!

Coping Skills Activities for Counseling and Big Emotions Namaste in School

End of Year & Summer Stand Up Sit Down 

Our best-selling community-building came is the perfect way to get some energy out and squeeze in those movement breaks as often as possible. Making them laugh while they’re doing it? The ultimate win. Your K-3 students will be asked yes/no questions, and would you rather questions to solidify the relationships that have already formed throughout the year.

Best Games for End of School Year Party on Teachers Pay Teachers

Summer SEL Early Finishers Coloring Page Bundle

If you’re anything like me, you don’t have time for the question: “What do I do nowwwwww?” on a good day, and especially do not have the patience or capacity to hear it (& isn’t it always in the shrillest tone too) as the school year winds down. Work smarter and not harder, with this bundle of mindful coloring pages to meaningfully fill any time voids. The social-emotional learning topics included in these pages cover: growth mindset, positive self-talk, mindfulness and getting to know you prompts.


Best Summer Mindful Coloring Pages for Kids on Teachers Pay Teachers


Plan the ideal, calm summer vacation, with this glyph that focuses on visualization and mindfulness. Your students will absolutely love comparing and contrasting their floating friends, to see how their answers compare to one another.

Summer pool floaty mindful glyph craft

 Without fail, I get a parent who is frazzled about what to do with their child over the summer. I do not give worksheets, but make some real-life suggestions as to how they can integrate literacy and numeracy over the summer. In Kindergarten and Grade 1, I will also send home these summer activity choice boards. There is a variety of low-prep suggestions that will not only help pass the time, but also spotlight & target the social skills that matter the most, such as mindfulnesspositive self-talkmovementproblem-solving and emotional regulation. 

Want a sample before purchasing? Click on the image below for 2 weeks of FREE summer choice boards to support the well-being of your students or child over the summer. 

Which activity is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!
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