The Best 100th Day of School SEL Ideas for the Primary Classroom

The 100th day of school is a magnificent milestone each school year. To celebrate the immensity of this accomplishment, we usually assess how big one hundred really is with concrete tools to support number sense and numeracy. Oh, and it's also a heckin' BLAST. 

Best ideas for 100 days of school party

SEL and the 100th day of school celebration for school counseling

Celebrating 100 days of school boosts morale and creates a sense of community among students, teachers and parents. It's also a powerful way through which our Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students can reinforce social skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking and collaboration. It also inspires creativity, which ultimately helps foster a lifelong love of learning.

Ring, ring- it's Paris Fashion Week calling...

Let's first shout out to the Hundred Days of School King, @gerrybrooksprin, who slayed this look, before we kick off our list of 100th Day of School activities to support social emotional learning.

best 100th day of school dress up outfit


Collaborative posters are like kryptonite for even the most trying of days. This 100th day collaborative art project is the PERFECT way to lean into teamwork and to sit back and watch the problem-solvers thrive. There is nothing like a soft buzz of productive excitement to affirm what we already knew- you, my friend, rock at your job. 



Using our free mindful and movement dice, have students roll a body break to (attempt to) do 100 times! I recommend breaking it up into smaller increments over the course of the day to support attention and focus.

 Free mindfulness and movement break activity for kids


Bulletin board display for 100 days of school tpt

Create a meaningful bulletin board display in your classroom, with this gratitude classroom decor and activity set. Students will share what they are thankful for, by coloring their treasure troll and writing a sentence on their prompt. They can choose to either color a party troll, or to age their troll to look 100 with some coloring, cotton balls and glue.


Another way to show gratitude, is to have each student draw the number 100 on a piece of blank paper in block numbers. Their job will be to turn the numbers into something they love. The 100 might transform into a snowman, a hamburger, a frog, etc.! This is a simple way to get to know your students better, with essentially no prep needed.

The 100th Day of School always involves a lot of "stuff". Whether kids are lugging in a bag of 100 cotton balls, toothpicks, marshmallows, cereal, Lego pieces, or boogers to school to proudly show off, there is no shortage of glorious crap that arrives in time for the celebration.


If you decide that this particular challenge is not for you, however, here's a sweet book called 100th Day Worries, that walks us through a little girl's stress, caused by trying to secure 100 items for the big day.

100th Day Worries Book

Try this: Have students get into partners or groups and give them the

SEL S.T.E.M Challenge: What Can You Build That Can Help Someone?

Groups will work as a team to create a model of a machine or product that can help someone in need, using tools brought in, or provided.

My favorite low-budget supplies to give are: small Dixie-style paper cups, popsicle sticks & pipe cleaners.


fun game 100th day of school

One of our best-selling community building activity is our 100th Day Stand Up Sit Down game. Perhaps it's because it's where no-prep meets the wickedly zany, with prompts that will have your kids begging for more. 

Free 100 Day of School Coloring Page Activities on TPT

These free 100 Days of School coloring pages are lifesavers to maintain an effortless flow of the day, when early finishers try to crash your party.

What are your plans for the 100th day?
Let me know in the comments!  
Choose SEL & Be Well,
      Namaste in School

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