November Round-Up: The Best of Primary Social-Emotional Learning Tools

Welcome! You've been hit by the seasonal W-ALL (Wall [noun]: That awkward period between winter and fall when you no longer know how to dress, how to wake up early or do any of the things on your to do list).

November was always one of the longest months for me. The honeymoon period is over, you're over pumpkins, not ready for candy canes and above all else, sure as hell not ready for report cards. I'm here, my friend, with some engaging activities to support social-emotional learning resources for K-3 throughout your November program (so you don't have to).

1. Fall SEL Community Circle Prompts

When our automatic feeling is to pull away from community building, it's likely the exact time we need to lean more into it. Think about it- if you sense yourself checking out- it's probably because the chattiness has escalated, conflicts have become more frequent, and you've lost that little bounce to your step. When students begin to feel devalued, disorganized or sense that your heart's not in it, it makes sense that class management starts to slide. Connection is ALWAYS more powerful than sporadic correction. Here are 54 prompts on beautiful watercolor backdrops that each target curiosity, mindfulness & five senses, social skills and relationship building.


How it works:
☑ Simply open the pre-made Google Slides™ to the conversation prompt of your choice and have students answer one-by-one in a community circle.
Don't deny those squirrels their time to shake their tails! You will notice a HUGE overall increase in attention and focus when you intentionally integrate daily brain and body breaks into your primary programming.
How it works:
☑ Simply open the pre-made Google Slides™ to the main page featuring Billy Bear. Then click through the countdown for a new mini break each day for 31 days!
Surprise! Bet you didn't see a turkey coming... this is a hilarious and oh-so-engaging way to have your students or small counseling groups talk and compare what their ideal Thanksgiving Day would look, sound and feel like. It's a fantastic mindful activity that encourages kids to use their 5 senses and imagination to put together the coolest gobbling glyph in town.
★ What others like you are saying: 
∙ The directions are simple, everything is provided and we had great conversations because of the glyphs that we created. Thank you! -Barb R.
∙ LOVE these resources and my students are always engaged! -Madeline G.
These inspirational quote coloring sheets have been a *chef's kiss* lifesaver for me- I am elated to hear that I am not alone! Perfect for mindful morning entry, as meaningful early finisher activities, for calm down corners or de-escalation tools, as a minds-on to lunch bunch groups, for meaningful work to leave with your emergency supply plans, etc.!
★ What others like you are saying: 
These are so cute. I'm not sure who loved them or my students! -Teacher Got Grit
World Kindness Day is November 13th. I made this fun, editable resource to take all the work out of coming up with challenges. There are many ways you can display this- on a 5-day schedule, a full month schedule for those bigger spaces in your school, or even just send out individual calendars. Looking for more ways to teach kindness? Read the blog post here!
Grab your freebie by clicking the link below:
World Kindness Day Great Kindness Challenge
This collaborative poster is perfect for your fall or Thanksgiving programs, as it makes for a beautiful mural that showcases fall symbols and hones in on the attitude of gratitude.
★ What others like you are saying: 
∙ This poster was perfect for our collaboration with our 4th grade buddy class! We all got together, colored and had fun. The outcome was so cool and looks amazing adding color to our hallway! -Jenna E. 
What's your favorite self-care activity during the month of November? Leave me some ideas in the comments below!
Choose SEL & Be Well,
      Namaste in School

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